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Freedom Conference



    For the months of June and July Gene will be in the San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles areas areas conducting public and private meetings.  If you are interested in a private meeting with Gene call 216-916-9298.  

Why do prayers not get answered?  Or at least they seem to go unanswered.  You pray with all your being, in tears for emotional healing, physical healing or help in a situation and yet no assistance from the Creator seems to come.  You ask yourself, "Doesn't He care?  If God is so good why is this happening to me?" 

It's time to say, "Enough is enough!"  You need to know why your prayers are not getting answered.  In this book, Gene explains the various reasons why your prayer is having little to no affect, and it's not that God simply said, "No."  Learning what is hindering your prayer will enable you to make a change and start getting the results that you need!






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