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Generational Curses

The sins or your forefathers can send curses down the generational line to you, these are called generational curses. These curses are what give rights to the demons to afflict you. Sometimes you can easily see the generational curses at work and travelling through the generations. I see families where the grandmother was a gossiper, the children are gossipers, the grandchildren are gossipers. With others you can see divorce prevailing from one generation to the other destroying families. There are generational curses of fear, control, witchcraft, alcoholism and cancer just to name a few. One cancer demon I encountered during a deliverance session had travelled from the mother to the daughter in her mid 30s. I asked Cancer if it had performed any damage to the body and it replied, "No because she stays in the Word of God." Praise God! Thereís health and protection in Godís word.


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