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The root of a disease or a physical or mental problem is that of an evil spirit (demon) more often than one might think.  I'm not saying every problem has a demon at it's root but that it's something that should be considered in your quest for freedom of whatever stronghold you are dealing with.

When a demon finds an open door into your life you now have a more serious problem.  You might have an anger issue, but once a demon of anger moves in, now you really have a problem.  Now you have to deal with your own anger issue along with that augmented by the demon.

Over the past 20 years I have dealt with thousands of demons and evil spirits that were causing severe problems in the lives of people such as Alcohol, Gluttony, Cancer, Migraine, Pain, Fear, Hopelessness, Rage, Torment, Lust, Occult, Mind Control, Jezebel, Anger, Murder and the list goes on and on.


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