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Demonic Doorways

There are several ways that demons can gain access to a person.

Sin is the most obvious demonic doorway. This does not mean that a demon enters every time a person sins. It does mean that it is possible for a demon to enter through sin. I know two guys that played with a Ouija board. One walked away unchanged, the other walked away with a new demon. Why didn’t they both walk away with demons? I don’t know, maybe there was only one demon around at the moment, or maybe the one person was more susceptible than the other due to other sin or conditions in his life. In either case play it safe, stay away from sin! And what constitutes sin just might surprise you. Just to name a few, there are demons of gossip, fear, manipulation, control, anger and doubt. If a person operates with gossip in his life then he opens himself up to a demon of gossip. If he has excessive anger then he opens himself up to a demon of anger. If he uses pornography then a demon of lust can enter it. If he operates with the sin of fear in his life then he opens himself up to a demon of fear. Once the demon of fear enters, his fear becomes worse and it will have a strong hold on him. Hence the term stronghold as used in the Bible.

In my demonic encounters in the deliverance ministry it seems the most popular demon is Fear. I have encountered Fear in probably 95% of all cases. Jesus taught time after time to not be afraid. Now, if Jesus said to not do something then we shouldn’t do it. If we do, then we are disobeying what he said and that would be considered sin. A fearful event that leads you into an act of fear opens the door to a demon of fear. Horror movies open up all kinds of doors to demonic Fear, especially in children.

Operating or experimenting with anything in the occult will open up a wide demonic doorway for problems. Even children playing with a Ouija board are advertising their availability to receive from the demonic realm. Obtaining services from, or being involved with, fortune tellers, card readers, mind readers, water witching, séances, Free Masonry or anything else of the occult will open yourself up to powerful demonic oppression.  Don't mess with the occult!!!  These are powerful spirits!!! Are they more powerful than Jesus?  Not even close!  But you'll pay a heavy price if you allow these spirits into your life.  Because of their strength they will be more difficult to remove.

In the demonic realm innocence or ignorance is no excuse. Children innocently play with Ouija boards or play the game, Light as a Feather, where one person lays down and the others surround him and place their fingertips under him and chant over and over, “Light as a feather, light as a feather” until the person demonically floats up. I learned about the Light as a Feather game as a young child when the pastor’s daughter told me that it actually worked and how cool it was! You see, there are many, many churches today that have very little understanding on what is going on in the spiritual realm, whether angelic or demonic.

Generational Curses
Generation Curses are covered

Covenants are actually 'agreements.'  If you agree to bring demons into your life, even ignorantly, then you are opening a demonic doorway.  Be careful about this demonic doorway when you agree to something while talking to a person.  If you agree, in your heart, that you are taking or receiving something, be careful.  Watch out for tattoos or anything that sheds blood, even surgeries.  In the case of surgery, break the soul-tie with the surgeon and nurses.  If you cut thumbs and mingled your blood together (Blood Brothers), then ask God to forgive you and break that soul-tie, cancel the mission of any demons that gained access to you from that sin, then command the demons to leave!

Traumatic events, especially in childhood, can be demonic doorways. Depending on the trauma it can open up doors to fear, rejection, low self esteem, etc. Note that certain traumatic events require no willful participation on the person that is receiving the demon. For example, children can receive demons when they are sexually abused or tortured.  Childhood abuse can also cause the heart to break.  The Bible says Jesus came to heal the Broken Hearted.  This Broken Heartedness doesn't mean sadness, it means that an individual, personal entity has split off of the heart (the mind) and now exists on its own and is holding the pain of the event. The Satanists understand this very well and will traumatize children in order to place demons and multiple personalities within them.


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