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Cursed Objects

The Bible talks about cursed objects. Consider Akan who guarded cursed objects in his house only to cause the defeat of the Israeli army. The whole nation of Israel was being affected because of the cursed objects that one man was harboring. Note that those who had done no wrong were still being affected.  They were ignorant, in the sense of being uninformed, about the cursed objects but that didn't stop the cursed objects from having an affect on their lives.  Some of them even lost their lives because of it.

A cursed object has some kind of connection with Satan and the demonic world. It could be something that represents another god such as a statue that is worshipped or simply a normal looking object that a curse has been placed on. Some are very obvious such as a statue or knickknack of a dragon or demonic figure.  But some are absolutely normal looking, even pretty.

If your house contains cursed objects it will be an open door for demons to affect you, your family, finances, marriage, etc. You will not experience full breakthrough and victory as long as the cursed objects are in place. You need to pray for the Father to show you what items in your house are carrying curses. With some items you can break the curse by prayer and anointing oil, with others you will have to remove the object. You are the one that will ultimately have to decide what to do with an object once it is identified as a problem. Pray to God and ask if the item needs to be removed or if prayer and anointing oil can do the job. Keep in mind that God expects us to use some common sense too.

The first objects to suspect in your house are statues, knickknacks and pictures. What do the statues represent? Are the knickknacks of mythical creatures such as unicorns, dwarfs, mermaids, etc.? But nothing is to be beyond suspicion.  Even pictures of relatives can sometimes allow the spirits in the relative to affect the house. 

Sometimes an object carrying a curse is perfectly good looking to the eye. But I can attest that there are brand new items leaving stores that are carrying curses with them. Now don’t become obsessed and start scrutinizing EVERY item you purchase. But do be open to the Holy Spirit when you buy things. And pray over your food before you eat it. I don’t mean some traditional prayer just for the sake of saying something. The prayer can be short but needs to be along the lines of thanking God for the food and wrapping up with, “This food is now sanctified through our prayer and thanksgiving for it.”


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