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Freedom Conference



Defeating Satanic Activity

  • I loose my myself from every mission, influence and activity of demons and evil, ungodly spirits. Be bound, cancelled and rendered to nothing, in Jesusí name.
  • I bind, cancel the missions of, and command to leave, any evil spirits transferred to me through demonic contact, in Jesusí name.
  • I loose myself from all evil traps set for me, be bound and disabled, in Jesusí name.
  • All demonic business partners working against my life be confused and disorganized, in Jesusí name.
  • Father, let all the spiritual gifts and talents that are not functioning 100% in my life begin to function completely, in Jesusí name.
  • I loose myself from all satanic instruments, devices and objects being used to monitor me. Be disabled, in Jesusí name.
  • I bind the spirits behind any local representative of a satanic organization operating against me, in Jesusí name.
  • Every evil organization working with household spies and enemies against me, be blinded and bound, in Jesusí name.
  • I bind all satanic organizations blocking my blessings, fire of God melt them away, in Jesusí name.
  • I loose myself from all evil organizations aimed against me. Fail miserably, in Jesusí name.
  • Let all evil entities set against me be disorganized, confused, and fail, in Jesus' name.
  • Let every blessing that evil spirits have captured or destroyed in my life be replaced today, in Jesus' name.
  • Let the wicked entities assigned to my life be cancelled and cease in their activities, in Jesusí name.
  • I decree that my household is void of wicked, evil spirits, in Jesusí name.
  • Any agent of disease attacking my body, die, in Jesusí name.
  • I loose myself from the effect of any evil thing that I have eaten, even in dreams, in Jesusí name.
  • I loose myself from all sickness and disease, in Jesusí name.
  • I bind all forms of bewitchment aimed at me, fail miserably in Jesusí name.
  • Any mind control devices being used against me, be disabled immediately, in Jesus' name.
  • I loose myself from any evil covenant that I have entered into, even ignorantly, in Jesus' name.  


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